Our Policies

Bookings and deposits

To secure your site or cabin, we require a deposit equal to the cost of the first night’s accommodation or 10% of the total booking amount, whichever is greater. Deposits are payable by card at the time of booking.

For multi-week bookings, we may require part or full payment upfront – we’ll notify you if this is the case.

While we endeavour to accommodate requests for your favourite site or cabin, we can’t guarantee that it will be available for you. We reserve the right to move reservation locations in response to park capacity and park safety.



Upon payment of your deposit, your booking is secured and reserved for the full duration of your stay.

If you should need to cancel your booking or part of your booking for any reason, we charge the following fees to the card used to make the booking:

For cabins:

  • Cabin Bookings or parts of Cabin Bookings cancelled more than 72 hours prior to the arrival date: we charge a $30 administration fee and will refund any deposits or other payments
  • Cabin Bookings or parts of Cabin Bookings cancelled within 72 hours of the arrival date: we retain the deposit
  • After arrival, Cabin Bookings or parts of Cabin Bookings cancelled or shortened: we retain 72 hours of the paid accomodation post the notification time, and refund any other payments

For van and camping sites:

  • Site Bookings cancelled more than 24 hours prior to the arrival date, are fully refundable
  • Site Bookings cancelled within 24 hours prior to the arrival date: we retain the deposit
  • After arrival, Site Bookings or parts of Site Bookings cancelled or shortened: we retain 72 hours of the paid accomodation post the notification time, and refund any other payments



Some of our cabins are pet friendly – please enquire directly with us when booking.

All of our sites are pet friendly.

A few commonsense rules apply to all pets onsite:

  • Your pet must be kept on a leash at all times when on park property.
  • Any disturbances, such as barking, must be kept to an absolute minimum.
  • You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet.
  • Pets are not allowed in any of the park facilities such as amenities, camp kitchen and laundry.
  • You are responsible for all property damage and/or personal injuries resulting from your pet. You further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Inverell Caravan Park and its entities, its owners and operators, from all liability and damage suffered as a result of your pet’s actions.
  • Any evidence of pets inside cabins without prior agreement will incur an additional cleaning fee of $100. Not all of the park’s cabins are pet friendly.


Check-in and Check-out

Our check-in and check-out times help to ensure we have time to maintain the park grounds and facilities between stays. If you require an alternative time, please reach out to us to request this. Standard times are:

  • Cabin check-in 2pm-5pm
  • Site check-in midday-5pm
  • Cabin and site check-out by 10am
    (late departures will incur additional fees, unless agreed to prior)

Please remember to drop your key tag back to the office before you head off!

Our guest safety is paramount, therefore we need to know who is staying with us at all times. We’re happy to have visitors to the park – please check in at the office on your way in. Extra people staying at your site / cabin that we are not informed about will incur additional accommodation charges.


  • Each cabin and site at the park is allocated parking for one vehicle only. Any additional cars, trailers, motorbikes or any other vehicles, for guests and visitors, must be parked offsite.
  • The park speed limit is max 10km/hour. Please stick to this walking-pace speed – this keeps children and other guests safe, and creates a quiet and relaxing park for all.
  • Electric Vehicles (EVs) are not permitted to be charged from park power boxes. If you would like to charge your EV, please see us in the office and we can offer alternative solutions.



  • General waste from cabins and sites needs to be bagged and placed into the red-lid bins.
  • Recycling waste from cabins and sites is to be left unbagged and placed into the yellow-lid bins
  • Any camping equipment, van equipment or other large items cannot be placed in or near the park bins. If you have large items please let us know and we can assist.


Cleaning and damage

Any damage to park equipment, facilities or landscaping will be charged at replacement cost to the credit card used at the time of booking. Please help us to care for our park! In addition:

  • A fee of $100 will be charged for smoking in cabins
  • A fee of $100 will be charged where excess cabin cleaning is required
  • Wilful damage to park property will incur a fee proportionate to the replacement cost


General park policies

  • Children are to be supervised by an adult at all times, especially in the pool area
  • Between 9pm – 7am noise must be kept to a minimum
  • Smoking is not permitted in any cabins or in any of the park facilities such as amenities, camp kitchen and laundry. If smoking on your cabin deck, cabin doors and windows must be shut, to avoid incurring the excess cleaning charge for smoke odour in the rooms.
  • Clothes lines are provided at the amenities block. No clothes lines are to be attached to trees, vans, posts or fences
  • No glass is permitted in the pool area


Office Hours

  • Weekdays: 9am – 5pm 
  • Weekends and Public Holidays: 9am – 3pm

We have a secure lockbox for after-hours arrivals – just let us know when booking or on the day of arrival and we’ll set you up!

Data Protection

Inverell Caravan Park uses an accredited third party payment provider, Payrix, to handle our our card transactions. Payrix provides a payment platform, providing authorization and settlement services, as well as transaction analysis services including risk identification and fraud detection. Payrix maintains the database for storing encrypted and tokenized cardholder data to enable payments to be processed. All credit card information is received by the Payrix API via TLS encrypted connections and stored on a virtual encrypted drive (Amazon EBS volume with KMS encryption). When processing transactions, Payrix uses TLS and SFTP to send cardholder data to the processor. We, Inverell Caravan Park, only have access to the tokenized credit card until the expiry date. We can delete your token upon your request.